Tallgrass Prairie Center


Restoration and Management Seminar Series

Tallgrass Prairie Center

Spring 2023

The Hidden Mysteries of the Prairie in Winter with Chris Helzer


Bringing Prairie Back with Chris Taliga of Burtal Farms


Spring 2022

Tallgrass Prairie Center - "Through an Artist's Eyes" with Erin Anfinson


Monarchs in the Cedar Valley, with Jim Weimer, Todd Derifield and Jacob Geller


Developing a Native Seed Harvest and Production Program for Iowa’s Unique Loess Hills Prairies


Spring 2021

Grow Wild with Us! presented by the Wild Ones Loess Hills Chapter


Prairie Pothole Wetlands: Reconstructing Vegetation from Roadside Surveys

Presented by Leland Searles


Spring 2019

Wildly Successful Farming

Presented by Brian DeVore



Bison-Mediated Seed Dispersal:  Restoring ecosystem functions in reconstructed tallgrass prairie

Presented by Pete Eyheralde


Spring 2018

Native Plant Success in the Home Landscape

Presented by Dan Mays


The Three Pillars of High Quality Habitat Management

Pete Berthelsen, Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund


Developing Wetland Mitigation Credits Through Restoration of Exceptional Natural Resources

Presented by Amy Husveth, Critical Connections Ecological Services, Inc.


Creating the Case for Habitat in Rights-of-Way

Presented by Kristine Nemec, UNI Tallgrass Prairie Center


Spring 2016

Making Ecological Restoration More Effective: Ideas from the Midwest and around the world

Presented by Dr. Susan Galatowitsch, University of Minnesota



Fall 2014

Why has the monarch butterfly population declined and what can we do about it?

Presented by John Pleasants, Iowa State University


Spring 2014

Assault on the Prairie

Presented by Daryl Smith


Protecting and Restoring the Blufflands Region

Presented by Brian Fankhauser


Summer 2013

The Prairie Roots Project: Visualizing Soil Processes  and Ecosystem Services

Presented by Dr. Laura Jackson, Director of The Tallgrass Prairie Center at the University of Northern Iowa

(Delivered at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory -- July 2013)


Spring 2012

Effect of Burn Timing On Insect Assemblages in Recent Prairie Reconstruction

Presented by Anna Abney, M.S. Biology graduate student


Geologic History of the Upper Mississippi River Valley and Bottom Land Restoration Scenarios

Presented by E. Arthur "Art" Bettis, Associate Professor, Department of Geoscience, University of Iowa


Fall 2011

The Effect of Tallgrass Prairie Species Composition On Above Ground Biomass Production

Presented by Molly Schlumbohm