Tallgrass Prairie Center

Natural Selections

Promoting and increasing Source Identified seed for prairie and wetland restorations in the midwest.

natural selections logoThe Natural Selections Program develops high quality, genetically diverse, regionally adapted native seed for prairie and wetland restorations. A collaboration of state, federal, private, and commercial entities collect, increase, certify, and market seed derived from remnant populations of native prairie species. Seed is increased, produced, and marketed as Source Identified seed, preserving the identity of seed source through Iowa Crop Improvement Associations’ AOSCA-approved certification program. Commercial quantities are produced and marketed under the trade name “Natural SelectionsTM” by cooperating growers.

  • Increase regionally-adapted foundation seed of native genotypes
  • Promote commercial availability and affordability of Source Identified native seed
  • Accession seed derived from remnant populations for seed increase and research
  • Over 70 species accessioned and increased
  • Over 200,000 lbs of Natural Selections native seed produced by commercial growers

Natural Selections: Plant Materials Development booklet