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Plant Iowa Native

The goal of the Plant Iowa Native initiative is to promote, educate, and bring awareness to the advantages of native plant utilization in our urban, suburban, and rural landscapes, including gardens, backyards, parks, and roadsides.

Plant Iowa Native is collaboration between consumers, private industry, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to promote plants native to our region.  Plant Iowa Native connects people with native plant resources and the numerous benefits our native flora provides…habitat for wildlife, healthy soils, clean water, biodiversity, beautification, and more!

Funded by the Living Roadway Trust Fund, Plant Iowa Native recognizes the needs and interests of key stakeholders, which consists of the general public, conservancy groups and organizations, as well as nursery owners, growers, landowners, landscapers, and other plant material producers and providers.  

The Plant Iowa Native website is a “one stop shop” for anyone looking for native plant information or resources for incentive programs, restoration, landscaping, education, or service providers.  Check out the “Resources” tab for a list of service providers, and access to the Living Roadway Trust Fund (LRTF) Native Plant Database,  a highly effective tool providing descriptive information and photographs of individual plants.

Go to www.plantiowanative.com to learn more about the project, or contact Staci Mueller at 319-273-3866 for more information.